Hi there, I'm Alex ๐Ÿ‘‹

UX/UI Designer & Frontend developer

I help people and brands reach their goals by designing & building digital products that solve real user needs

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Case studies, digital products and design systems which are visually pleasing, user-centric and easy to use.

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I'm a based in Argentina. I'm focused on designing and developing user-friendly interfaces to offer the best product. I'm passionate about improving the lives of others through user-centered design.

I have experience working in agile environments and have worked through the entire product development cycle, from ideation to delivery. I've worked as a freelancer to help clients design and build unique products that were visually strong, worked beautifully, were easy to use, but most importantly, focused on the user experience.

I'm constantly looking to learn new things every day and looking for new ways to improve my skills and knowledge to better myself as a designer.

About me

What I do


UX Design

Defining business problems. Studying user behaviour. Building strategies to piece together the business goal and user needs. Designing meaningful experiences.


Visual Design

Designing user-centric, modern-day interfaces that shapes how the audience interacts with the product. Thus helping brands and people build trust and loyalty.



Building responsive websites with a โ€œMobile Firstโ€ approach. Providing the users an enriching experience that responds to any device and screen size.

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I release posts to help anyone learn and become a better designer.

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I created these resources to help the community so they can improve their products.

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I'm always looking for new opportunities to help you build your product.

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